The world needs a sustainable way to efficiently produce high quality animal protein.

We have the solution.

We are PanaSea.

PanaSea (pan· a· cea | ˌpa-nə-ˈsē-ə)

We are launching a sustainable, large scale commercial aquaculture facility on the Caribbean coast of Panama which will produce and export processed sea cucumbers primarily for Chinese consumers globally.

Currently, there exists a large and growing gap between supply and demand for processed sea cucumbers. Rising Chinese demand is wiping out sea cucumber populations worldwide- driving prices upwards and causing a major threat to the health of the ocean’s ecosystem.

Our operation will provide a sustainable option to the surging demand for tropical sea cucumbers in Asia. By sustainably bridging this supply gap, we can afford to simultaneously repopulate the diminished sea cucumber populations in Panama. Moving forward, our venture can be scaled to other tropical locations around the world. Our business is sustainable, socially responsible and financially profitable.

Why Sea Cucumbers?

Sea cucumbers—there are some 1,700 species globally—are echinoderms, along with urchins and sea stars. Only a few species have sensory organs; none have brains, merely ganglia of nerves for coordinating movement. Essentially sedentary, the animals are easy to collect, particularly in shallow water.

For over 1000 years, sea cucumbers have been a sought-after delicacy, medicine, and aphrodisiac in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia. Due to a large and growing affluent consumer class in these markets, demand for wild caught sea cucumbers has far outstripped supply with no expectation of slowing.

One of the native species of sea cucumbers in Panama, Isostichopus Badionotus, is a species of medium to high value, having an average adult size of 21 centimeters— ideal for profitable cultivation. The average market price for this species is currently $180/ kilo USD. PanaSea is building a sustainable sea cucumber farm that will produce 75,000+ kilos of dried product annually.

Meet The Team

Our technology is proven and proprietary. The government fully supports our endeavour. The local community is engaged and eager to work with us. Our project is sustainable: financially, environmentally and socially. Of greatest importance, PanaSea is comprised of the top international experts necessary to execute such a specialized project.


Investor Inquiries

David Grossman
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