At Panasea, we are pioneering restorative sea cucumber cultivation in the Caribbean, but we are more than an aquaculture company. Beyond our work with sea cucumbers, we are dedicated to diverse initiatives rejuvenating coastal marine habitats, safeguarding precious fauna like sea turtles, and macaws, and developing our local community members into a newly empowered labor force to fight climate change.

The dense roots of a mangrove host a school of fish near shore.
Mangroves are vital to our costal ecosystems and reforestation of this crucial species is a primary focus of our initiatives.

Facing such big problems as coral bleaching, ecological die-offs and mercurial ocean conditions, Panasea is dedicated to make sea cucumber restoration the tip of the spear in our existential battle to heal the ocean. Our sea cucumber restoration efforts  immediately rejuvenate corals, seagrass and mangroves- all crucial for the ocean to do its job!

Our Initiatives

To further support these marine ecosystems we have embarked on a series of initiatives which align with the UN’s Goals for Sustainable Development.

The UN's Goal for sustainable development 12: Responsible consumption and production.
The UN's Goal for sustainable development 13: Climate Action.
The UN's Goal for sustainable development 14: Life Below Water.
The UN's Goal for sustainable development 15: Life on Land.

Planting mangroves which serve as natural coastal buffers, preventing erosion, enhancing water quality, providing essential habitats for diverse marine and terrestrial species, and acting as vital carbon sinks, contributing to climate change mitigation.

Conservation of precious fauna such as iguanas, sea turtles, and macaws which have been endangered due to habitat destruction, global warming, poaching and illegal pet trade.

A vibrant blue macaw soars through a beautiful blue sky.

Community-driven change, organizing beach cleaning days and implementing garbage collection sites. Our company works to promote a renewed culture of responsible waste management within local communities. Furthermore, Panasea is committed to nurturing environmental stewardship among the younger generation through educational talks and scholarships in Colon’s local schools.

Measuring Impact and Conservation Metrics

To measure the impact of our initiatives, Panasea meticulously tracks a range of key metrics, including waste reduction, beach cleanups, propagation of mangrove seedlings, sea cucumber population growth, and assessments of seagrass health. We actively participate in monitoring coral and fish populations through advanced aerial surveys and contribute significantly to species preservation by releasing iguanas and baby turtles and building nests for macaws. Our ongoing partnership with Smithsonian Tropical Research is demonstrably proving the dramatic and immediate impact of restoring sea cucumbers on seagrass and corals.

From Sea Cucumber Cultivation to Environmental Advocacy

Panasea’s journey began with sea cucumber aquaculture but has evolved into a comprehensive environmental advocacy movement. Through our holistic approach, We are revitalizing sea cucumber populations and inspiring a paradigm shift towards sustainable coexistence with the natural world. Our tireless efforts stand as a testament to the transformative power of a holistic conservation ethos.

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